Roots Character Development

We believe that becoming a good basketball player does not automatically make someone a good person.   Just like we want all our players practicing their jumpshots, we also want them practicing the skills that help them build their Character.  That's why we've developed the Roots Character Development program, which all of our coaches have been trained to use with their teams.


Character is the combination of all your daily choices. It reflects who you want to be. The quality of your character will determine the quality of your relationships and therefore, your teams and your life.

There are 8 character skills that we think you will need to practice be successful:

  • Patience: Self-control and control of your impulses.

  • Kindness: Giving attention, appreciation, encouragement and common courtesy.

  • Humility: Showing an absence of pride and arrogance; being real.

  • Respect: Treating all people like they are important, because they are.

  • Selflessness: Meeting the needs of others.

  • Forgiveness: Letting go of resentment.

  • Honesty: Being free from deception.

  • Commitment: Sticking to your choices.

Concepts based on The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle, by James C. Hunter and the Characterstrong Curriculum by John Norlin and Houston Kraft

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