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For 2024 we announced that Roots will be joining the Puma sponsored NXT Circuit for this season. As a Puma team we will be head to toe Puma jerseys, shoes & apparel for all our teams.  This is huge news for the exposure of our athletes to play at the college level. Those that win at the NXT Circuit level can earn the right to play at the Pro16 level (fully sponsored teams). With this announcement some big changes are coming to our AAU teams.


Starting this year we are working to have 2 teams for each age group, boys & girls 10U-17U. We will divide the teams into the Roots NXT teams, those preparing to play at the Roots NXT level & our teams that will play local, South Sound Roots. Our 17U-15U Roots NXT teams will have extensive travel in the spring and summer, all other teams will have a similar schedule to last season. 


What this means is we’ll need more help from our Roots family to continue to provide the highest quality opportunities for ALL players that are willing to put in the hard work. 


If you are interested in coaching for the 2024 season please apply here-


If you are interested in playing on the Roots NXT teams apply here-

If you are interest in trying out for the local South Sound Roots team click here- 


We have announced that Mack Bertram will be in charge of our Roots NXT programs and Jimmy Anderson will be our Roots NXT trainer. We will be rolling out new training programs to support our players' development to play at the highest levels. 


Roots was founded by former Division 1 & professional players Kelly Golob & myself, Josh Wilson. Our mission has always been to provide the highest quality opportunities to everyone, regardless of background. Make no mistake the only way Kelly & I were able to play at the level we did was hard work. You cannot get there without putting in the time. With this announcement the opportunity to improve will be there but now you can showcase your skills at the highest stage. 


All the Best, 


Josh Wilson



South Sound Roots Academy Board Member

Roots NXT Board Lead

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